Wednesday, October 22, 2014

              With in the paper I read called "effects of watching too much tv" written on the website: essay help I found all negative biases threw out the piece. The author believes that when (usually younger kids) watch to much tv they experience overweight, school and verbal performance, and violence or bullying. She uses all negative examples of how tv is bad for the human brain and gives examples as she explains.
              One example the author provides was that she made a point that the tv changes the ways of thinking especially in the younger generation. Parents will teach their kids to start tv at a young age because they believe it developes the brain and mind. As though the author explains she thinks opposite because tv changes the out look on life and how kids look a people. Such as the difference in characters and real people or the actors of that show because you look at that person as the character they play rather than their actual personalities.
            Another example the author uses in her page is that humans will experience emotional frustration because they expect the happy ending that they see in all the movies and don't understand that problem solutions don't come natural. Most people watch too much tv that they get the image that everything on tv is true and will take advice from this. Plus people will get ideas from seeing bulling, harassment etc. and get ideas and feel its okay and right because they saw there favorite tv character do the same.
            The author also explained that tv gives watchers reluctant information or incorrect details on what they learned and think about the world. "Usually people can see dozens or hundreds of commercials for the evening,' comments the author of effects of watching too much tv "which will be later mixed in unthought mess in their heads." I believe the author is trying to example that the human brain cant handle all the not important information that should be replaced with relevant information. The whole plot to the page and all the examples back up the statement that she is using negative biases.

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